Town Council rejects Alexandra Road development proposal

27 Nov 2014; land North of Alexandra Road
Lymington & Pennington Town Council last night recommended refusal of an application by Pennyfarthing Homes for a development of 95 new dwellings on a site north of Alexandra Road, which was released from the Greenbelt in order to provide much needed new homes, of which 70% are intended to be ‘affordable’ homes. At a meeting with residents, chaired by Cllr Rogerson, the council reached a unanimous recommendation to refuse the application following discussion and after hearing objections which Mrs Jill Vallance summarised on behalf of local residents. Nic King of the Lymington Society added that the proposed development failed on policy grounds namely it was out of character with its surroundings, had inadequate SANGS (accessible natural green space) provision and was not a ‘sustainable’ development. The developers, Pennyfarthing Homes, chose not to speak at the meeting other than to answer residents’ questions.

The deadline to make a comment on this proposed development is: 03.12.2014.
You can submit a comment online to NFDC at:


Travis Perkins site – update 09.10.2013

TPNFDC has refused a proposed development of 25 dwellings (application 13/10709). Main reasons for refusal: inappropriate to its context, fails to respond positively to local distinctiveness, unacceptably poor design quality. See full NFDC reasons for refusal:

However, at the same time as submitting 13/10709, the developer’s agent submitted a similar proposal for a development of 23 dwellings without the 2 bungalows (13/10710). We objected on similar grounds i.e. failure to respect local distinctiveness, over-development and concerns about proposed access road from Grove Road.

Status: NFDC says they intend to advertise amended plans with a view to taking the application to November Committee (email from NFDC case officer 20.09.2013). See revised plans:

Greenbelt development – update

Green-fieldWe agree on the need for ‘affordable’ housing locally but the NFDC proposal to allocate development of around 150 houses on ‘green belt’ sites at Pinetops and north of Alexandra Road would compromise the town’s boundaries. Action: At the Sites & Development Management Plan hearing on 23 Apr 2013 LymSoc’s representative put it to Inspector that the SDMP was unsound as the Council had failed to provide evidence of having considered reasonable alternatives to sites allocated and that the choice of locations locally might be better addressed through a Neighbourhood Plan. Comment: Inspector accepted NFDC’s proposition that the only sites where additional housing could be sited were within green belt surrounding Lymington & Pennington (the Inspector at the Core Strategy hearing had accepted this proposition and he was not going to disagree). Status: Inspector’s interim report issued; it does not question NFDC’s allocation at Pinetops and Alexandra Road; it only asks NFDC to respond to a number of mainly technical questions, which, however, will require a further round of public consultation.

Background: The NFDC Sites and Development Management plan sets out the detailed proposals required to implement the planning strategy for the area agreed through the Core Strategy (adopted in 2009). The plan allocates a limited amount of greenfield land for new development to meet the local need for additional housing, affordable housing and employment. Between 2006 – 2026, the overall South East Plan requires 3,920 additional dwellings.