LymSoc Talk “The Making of Films of Local Interest” Now Moved to Zoom

The Lymington Society Commitee have now decided that in view of the ongoing Omicron wave of infections, the next meeting in the Social Programme will now take place only on Zoom rather than in person.
With people rightly concerned about the current wave of infections, the switch to Zoom for this event will hopefully allow more members to enjoy what should be an entertaining talk. So pour yourself a glass of wine and join us for this talk on the 17th of Jan at 6.00 pm.
Details of the talk and the Zoom link are set out below together with the rest of the Social Programme for the year ahead. Please feel free to forward this link to friends whom you feel may enjoy the talk and may consider joining the Society.

Kind regards
Don Mackenzie 
Editor. 07860 106120

Monday January 17th 2022 – 6.00 pm
Illustrated Talk by Patrick Kempe.  – On Zoom Only
The Making of Films of Local Interest. 

Patrick has been making films featuring local topics since the 1970 and has produced a large number of fascinating videos on a huge range of topics, as can be seen here. DVD Titles (
His talk which will feature clips from his Video “Lymington – A Fascinating Glimpse into a Historic Town”
Describing his talk Patrick said: 

In a nutshell, it’s about how I started filming in the 1970s, the early equipment and the people I met as well as the different subjects I covered. How I researched Lymington, the filming, the challenges, the funny things that happened and the interesting odd bits I discovered. Support from St. Barbe and so many others. How editing developed through to the finished DVD covers”

Donald Mackenzie is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: Lymington Society Zoom Meeting
Time: Jan 17, 2022 06:00 PM London
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Meeting ID: 872 4122 9795
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Lymington Society Supports Wonderful Christmas Tree Festival at St Thomas Church

LymSoc Christmas Tree at Christmas Tree Festival

The Lymington Society has again supported the wonderful Friends of St Thomas Church Christmas Tree Festival which has been resumed this year after being cancelled last year because of coronavirus lockdowns etc.

Our beautiful tree has very kindly been decorated by Committee Member Pam Morrissey and recently stepped down Society Treasurer Heather Burrell and the Society are really grateful for the great job that they have done again this year.

The Christmas Tree Festival is run by the Friends of St Thomas Church to raise funds for the maintenance of the wonderful parish church and do a great job in supporting projects such as the repair of the cupola and the upgrading of the church hall where they paid for new doors out onto the courtyard garden.

Society Members are urged to visit the Festival to see the “enchanted forest” of over 60 beautifully decorated trees, taste the delicious homemade cakes on offer at the Festival Cafe or buy Christmas decorations from the fantastic table sale.

Two concerts are also being staged with the highlight being the Spirit of Christmas concert on Saturday night. Tickets are available on the door on the night.

Lymington Society re-launches its Shop Local Campaign for Christmas 2021

Launch of Lymington Society – Shop Local “Support Lymington This Christmas” – Campaign with Deputy Chair Don Mackenzie, Town Mayor James Hoare and Chamber of Commerce President Peter Leyland-Jones.

As Christmas 2021 approaches rapidly, the Lymington Society has announced that with the support of the Chamber of Commerce and the Town Council, it is again launching its “Shop Local” campaign, to remind people that, although the national economy has bounced back remarkably since the end of restrictions in July, local retailers have been really badly hit during the pandemic and need our help as much as ever.

Under the slogan “Shop Local – Save Shops – Support Lymington This Christmas” the Society would like everyone to think about keeping their shopping pounds in Lymington to support retailers and jobs locally and help boost the local economy

The pandemic had taken a terrible toll on retailing in Lymington and major chains with a previous presence in the town have been hit badly with the result that despite encouraging signs or recovery, there remain many empty shops in the town.

With this in mind, the Society would like to remind local people to “think before they click” and support the community by trying to do as much of their Christmas shopping locally as possible and really boost the local economy with their much-needed Christmas shopping pounds

Speaking about this campaign today, Lymington Society Deputy Chair Don Mackenzie said:

“Looking at the many empty shops in the town, The Lymington Society is as aware as we all are about the terrible effect the coronavirus has had on the local economy and particularly retailing. Thankfully there are encouraging signs with several new shops and businesses opening in the town since the end of lockdown and we all hope that the worst is past.

However, if this encouraging trend is to become established, we all need to “let our legs do the walking” not our keyboards and to follow what is becoming a national movement to shop local and keep our pounds in the local economy to everyone’s benefit.

As I said last year, whilst shopping on the web has its place, there’s nothing to beat shopping in your own town where amazing, exciting, and different things can be found from local retailers. You can also get a coffee or a bite to eat and you’re bound to meet someone you know and have a quick catch up –  you can’t do that online in the same way.

There is also the wonderful Lymington Market, with its friendly stallholders and exciting stalls with an amazing range of  local and artisan  items that you simply can’t get on the web

If you’re not certain local shops have what you’re looking for, why not phone up and ask them to get it in for you to collect the next day. Local Click and Collect. So please “Think before you Click” and “Support Lymington this Christmas”

Tickets on Sale for “A Titanic Conspiracy” and the Lymington Society Christmas Drinks Party

Lymington Society Illustrated Talk: “A Titanic Conspiracy”

Sinking of the Titanic

Ever since the Titanic sank on its maiden voyage from Southampton after hitting an iceberg on that fateful night on the 15th of April 1912, there have been many rumours as to the “real” cause of the tragedy. Titanic Conspiracies

Monday 1st November 2021 – 6.00 pm
Illustrated Talk  by Andy Skinner Learning and Engagement Officer Southampton Museums: “A Titanic Conspiracy” The Gates Hall – The Lymington Centre – 6.00 pm Monday 1st November.
Tickets £5.00 to include refreshments – on the door
or on Eventbrite
Was the sinking of Titanic an elaborate insurance scam, did poor-quality rivets sink her and was a raging fire responsible for her sinking? This talk looks at the conspiracy theories associated with Titanic.

Join us for the famous Lymington Society Christmas Drinks Party at St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery.

St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery

December 16th – 6.00 pm. The Lymington Society Christmas Party.
St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery
Tickets £8.00 – Only available on Eventbrite

Following many successful Christmas Parties at the Stanwell House Hotel, the Social Committee have decided to make a change this year and we will be instead holding this years’ event at St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery.
However, rest assured that the normal festive atmosphere will be definitely to the fore, with wine and canapes as normal. Hopefully the quantity and quality of the food which has drawn some criticism in previous years, will be much improved.
Tickets £8.00 on Eventbrite

In order to allow us to have accurate number and arrange the catering, tickets will only be available at this stage on Eventbrite.

Please do contact us if you have any problems booking tickets.

Don Mackenzie 07860 106120

Full Social Programme for Members for Autumn 2021 – Summer 2022 Announced by The Lymington Society. First event is fascinating Private View of this years major exhibition at St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery – Unsettling Landscapes: The Art of the Eerie. See below to buy Tickets.

The Lymington Society is pleased to announce its new Social Programme of events for members starting in September 2021 and running through to the Summer Garden Party in June 2022. Following a year of meetings of on Zoom it’s a great pleasure to be able to re-commence actual physical events in person.

The first of these events is a very special event at St Barbe Museum where the Society is proud to be able to arrange for LymSoc Members to have a first look at the amazing new St Barbe exhibition entitled: Unsettling Landscapes: The Art of The Eerie. See here for details 

St Barbe describe the exhibition as follows “An exhibition exploring eerie representations of rural landscapes from the aftermath of the First World War to the present. In his essay for the catalogue Robert Macfarlane explains that the eerie ‘involves that form of fear which is felt first as unease then as dread, and it tends to be incited by glimpses and tremors rather than outright attack. Horror specialises in confrontation and aggression; the eerie in intimation and intimidation.”

The Private View which costs £5.00 to include refreshments, starts at 6.00 pm and takes place at St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery at 6.00 pm on Tuesday the 28th of September. Tickets are available on the door or on Eventbrite. Click Here to buy tickets on Eventbrite

New Members. We are offering anyone joining the Society before the event or on the night, free entrance to the Private View.  New Members can buy a year’s Subscription on Eventbrite which will entitle you to a free entrance to the Private View.

To buy a year’s Subscription and get your free Ticket to this event , please click here and select Tickets followed by New Members Subscription. Once you have done this could you kindly click here Join The Society and fill in a membership form. In order to maintain your membership in future years please go to your online banking and complete a Standing Order form.

Full details are on our website or call Don Mackenzie on 07860 106120

Detail from Croft Castle by Blaze Cyan. St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery
Unsettling Landscapes: The Art of the Eerie

Tickets are available for the LymSoc Private View on the door or through ticket booking site Eventbrite Click Here

September 2021 Update for Members

The Lymington Society has published its latest Update Email for Members which was sent out to Members on the 16th of September. The full update can be seen here:

LymSoc Members’ Update September

The Update included as usual a message from our Chairman Clive Sutton, and news about the many current issues the Society has been involved in in the last year.

The Society was also very pleased to announce that following the end of lockdown restriction are resuming our Members’ Social Programme with a series of events starting with a Private View of this years major St Barbe Exhibition – Unsettling Landscapes: The Art of the Eerie. Full detail will follow on a further post.

Tickets are £5.00 for Members and can be bought on the door or on Eventbrite

Lymington Society Summer Garden Party to Go Ahead

6.00 pm Thursday 8th of July – East Grove – Grove Road – Lymington

The Lymington Society is pleased to announce that we will be holding our first real event in almost 18 months, namely the famous Lymington Society Summer Garden Party.

The Garden Party is going to take place by kind permission of Robin and Georgina Craufurd on Thursday the 8th of July at their beautiful Georgian house and garden at East Grove, Grove Road, Lymington.

Featuring Prosecco and Pimms and the usual delicious canapes produced by well known caterer Diana Morley, the party will start at 6.00 pm and we look forward to meeting Members in person for the first time since early last year.

Due to Covid restrictions, we will initially be only selling 30 tickets but hope to increase the numbers once the government’s decision on the 21st of June has been announced.

We will be selling the tickets on Eventbrite in line with Covid precautions, instead of taking cash on the door and the tickets will cost £10.00 with a small fee to the company to cover fees.

Please Click on this Link to buy Tickets. Summer Garden Party Tickets

The Eventbrite site will also keep a waiting list of people once we reach 30 ticket sales and will automatically advise Members once we increase the ticket numbers.

Do call me in you have any queries about this event.

Don Mackenzie. 07860 106120

Social Meetings now Online on Zoom

Reminder of Lymington Society Talk on Zoom this  Wednesday 17th March
Plus news of two more talk this Spring.A Message from the Lymington Society Dear Fellow LymSoc Members

A quick reminder that our second online talk on Zoom is on Wednesday the 17th  at 6.00 pm (Zoom open from 5.30 pm onwards) Details below.
Please also see details below of two further talks that we have arranged for later in the Spring which we hope that your will find interesting. Feel free to invite friends or colleagues who might enjoy the talk and may then wish to join the Society as members. 
As Editor of the new-style Email Updates, I would like to apologise that it has been longer than I had planned since the first update late last year.
I am pleased to report that the next issue is nearly finished and will be with you all soon.

Kind regards
Don Mackenzie
07860 106120Lymington Society Illustrated Talks Programme Spring 2021

“Darwin and the Voyages of HMS Beagle”Date Wednesday 17th March 6:00 pm via Zoom
(Zoom open from 5.30pm)
Speaker: James Taylor
Topic: “Darwin and the Voyage of HMS Beagle, 1831-1836″

James’ talk focuses on the family and influences upon Charles Darwin and Captain Robert FitzRoy, the commander of HMS Beagle, and their participation in the celebrated second voyage of the ship that has shaped our lives. It enabled Darwin to collect vital evidence for his ground-breaking publication 
On the Origin of Species.
FitzRoy paid for two artists, Augustus Earle and Conrad Martens, to paint the people and places encountered, and these images underpin the seafaring stories.
To join the  zoom meeting please use the following link.

Meeting ID: 455 346 2400
Passcode: LymSocTalk Lymington Society Illustrated Talks Programme Spring 2021

A Friends of Sir Harry Talk

“Command of the Seas: The Navy and the New Forest Against Napoleon”
A Friends of Sir Harry Talk

Date  Wednesday 14th April 6.00 pm via Zoom 
(Zoom open from 5.30pm)

Speaker:  Rosalyn Goulding of
St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery
Topic: “Command of the Seas:
The Navy and the New Forest Against Napoleon”

 Rosalyn’s talk explores Britain’s naval battles against Napoleon and the role played by the New Forest.Between 1793 and 1815, Britain was at war with revolutionary France. This talk explores some of the key naval engagements in the run up to the decisive victory at Trafalgar in 1805, as well as what life was like in the navy at the time. It focuses on the important contributions of three local admirals, Cornwallis, Peyton and Man, all of whom are buried at Milford churchyard. 
Donald Mackenzie is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Command of the Seas: The Navy and the New Forest Against Napoleon
Time: Apr 14, 2021 06:00 PM London

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Meeting ID: 455 346 2400
Passcode: LymSocTalk
Lymington Society Illustrated Talks Programme Spring 2021

“Between Two Rivers”.
Date  Wednesday 12th May 6.00 pm via Zoom 
(Meeting open from 5.30pm)

Speaker:  Aimee Durnell of
“Aimee – The Artist and Printmaker”

Topic: “Between Two Rivers”‘Between Two Rivers’ is based on a journey I took as a local artist exploring the intriguing landscape between the Lymington and Beaulieu Rivers.  Discover the wildlife and the stories of these rivers as they wind across heaths and greenwood, through reedbeds and saltmarsh out into the Solent.’
Having worked on reserves as a forest ranger, I now live and work in the New Forest, painting and writing about both the landscape and its wildlife.  I have written three guidebooks to the New Forest and this talk is based on my most recent book.  
Donald Mackenzie is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Between Two Rivers with Aimee Durnell
Time: May 12, 2021 06:00 PM London

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Meeting ID: 455 346 2400
Passcode: LymSocTalk

Lymington Society Shop Local Campaign relaunched for Christmas

The Society, with the Support of the Town Council and the Chamber of Commerce, has relaunched its “Shop Local – Save Shops”  campaign with the slogan – “Support Lymington This Christmas”

Commitee Member Pam Morrissey, who  came up with the idea of the Society launching a “Shop Local” initiative in the town, together with Town Mayor Anne Corbridge and Society Deputy Chair Don Mackenzie, were on hand in the High Street at the start of the campaign to unveil the first of four banners placed around the town.

We also had the support of the Lymington Times who kindly reported our campaign and in fact invited the Society to write the editorial for their Lymington Christmas Shopping supplement  

In addition, over 100 posters were distributed in local shops to help emphasise the “Think Before You Click” – “Support Lymington This Christmas” message.

The Society really hopes that as many residents as possible will take this the chance to “Shop Local” and support our retailers this Christmas.