Lymington Society Support for Town Council’s Ambitions for the Quayside Area

The Town Council, together with the NFDC, have a current project to improve the Quayside area of Lymington and make it a destination in itself, rather than just the car park for the cobbles.

With the improvements to the Harbour Commission’s facilities for visiting Yachtsmen comes an opportunity to update the area as a riverside attraction.

The Lymington Society fully supports the Town Council in this endeavour. We encourage our members and local residents to support these proposals by taking part in the NFDC Consultation exercise and making their views heard.

Lymington has precious little public waterside space, and the Quayside, placed as it is alongside the cobbles tourist area, could be used year round for markets and public events, revitalising this unique riverside site and benefiting local businesses.

As with any change, there will be some who will feel unable to support this vision. However the Society feels strongly that the interests of the wider community need to be taken into account, and that we should take this opportunity for a bold scheme that will rejuvenate the Quay, and make it a pleasure to visit for residents and visitors alike for years to come.

Here is a link to the NFDC page about the project:

And here is a link directly to the online form that you can use to give them your opinions:

Do please take a look at the information page and the form, and let the District Council know what you think. This is a rare opportunity to make a difference to our precious town.

Here are a few pictures of riverside public areas in other towns, as an indication of what we could have here in Lymington: