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lymsoc-10The Society is actively involved in all aspects of Lymington urban planning. This section of the site looks at the history of planning in Lymington, recent planning applications and the impact of the Localism Act.



26 July 2018 – Society objection to 31 Retirement flats on Milford Road:

Application number 18/10870. Milford Road Lymington

I write on behalf the Lymington Society to object to the application for the erection of one block of 31 retirement flats with communal facilities landscaping car parking on the side of the properties which currently comprise 14, 16 and 18 Milford road Pennington Lymington.

The Society strongly object to this application on behalf of the town of Lymington and Pennington as a whole and on behalf of the immediate neighbours to the property.

One of the concerns of the Society over the years has been to support and maintain the main roads into Lymington without overdevelopment and as effectively residential streets, in spite of the fact that they are busy thoroughfares accessing the town. This is a characteristic of Lymington whereas many other towns have suffered from the fact that roads accessing their town centres have become lined with flats and high-density housing.

Thankfully this progression of redevelopment has no longer taken place over the last few years in Southampton Road and Avenue Road but following a recent application in Milford Road and this application, an attempt is being made to turn the Milford Road into a line of high-density development.

The position with Milford Road at the location of this development is that it still has a low-density residential character. There has been redevelopment on the corner of North Greenlands which has merged in well with the existing character. Billington Place on the other side of the road looks away from the street and is protected by a belt of trees.

The road still has the features described in paragraph 4.9.3 of the Lymington Local Distinctiveness Supplementary Planning Document as being perceived as a “green corridor into the town.” This is in spite of the fact of the erection of Belmore Lodge which whilst being a prominent feature on the corner of Milford Road and South Street does not unduly impact on the character of the street as a whole.

However when one considers the present proposal and its footprint, the whole character of the street at that point will change creating a semi urban feel to the street when viewed from the main Milford Road. In addition the building goes back so far that the side of the building will be visible from behind Belmore Lodge as one approaches from the Milford direction giving an impression of dense development.

So far as neighbours are concerned the building will dominate houses in North Greenlands changing the character of that quiet cul-de-sac completely.

Whether or not such a high density of residential units for the elderly is required is another matter, but if so there are other sites in and around the Town where such a development could usefully be put following the example of the North Close development which has had a much more reasonable impact on its location developing as it has a previous brownfield site.

The Society strongly urges the New Forest District Council to refuse this application.

Yours sincerely

Clive Sutton

Chairman Lymington Society

1 thought on “Planning and Development

  1. As residents of Farnleys Mead, we note with regret that there is yet another house on Belmore Lane, No 54, with a planning application to be demolished and replaced with five houses. Coltens developed the nextdoor plot and had difficulty selling them all as they are so tightly packed in. We sincerely hope that this application will be rejected and if we must have new houses on the site, hopefully only two or three at the most will be allowed. Perhaps the Society will look into this application and back our thoughts on this potential overdevelopment. We do not want Belmore Lane to become another Waterford Lane!!

    Peter and Pamela Bonner

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