Meeting Reports

2019 Open Forum Minutes:

On 16th October 2019 we held an Open Forum meeting for members to hear about recent Society activity and make their views heard. Here are the minutes of that meeting:

Members of the Committee present:              

Clive Sutton [CS]
Don Mackenzie [DM]
James Bull [JB]
Roger Liley [RL]
Pam Morrissey [PM]
Oliver Dunne [OD]
Nigel Seth Smith [NS]

Apologies: Peter Stone [PS] Heather Burrell [HB]

 Chairman’s opening remarks

A brief review of the year’s activities of the Executive Committee. A summary of the more specific items dealt with during the year and to be dealt with for open discussion.

Open discussion
An open discussion took place including questions and comments from the audience around the following topics:

  • Town Quay
    Traffic is top concern and linked to Town Quay issue. Need to solve parking in town with more people coming to visit Lymington. Viability of a Park & Ride at Ampress Halt was discussed. Don Mackenzie pointed out that he has regular meetings with planners. Underground parking at Tesco possibly with funding through Public Works Loan was discussed. Harbour Town Quay needs a strategy to align with new walk-ashore moorings and agreed that we need to think about what we want for the new space. Agreement that better facilities and toilets need improvement and agree to reposition/develop toilet block. Some thought to be too precious about parking. Agreement that it would be wrong to ‘trade off’ our best asset to satisfy the needs of private parking solely for residents. Budget £700k – £1M thought likely.
  • Redrow
    Continued concern about lack of footbridge and access. Complex issue involving diverse interested parties and lifts and stairs. LYMSOC have requested a meeting with Redrow. It was noted that sales of houses have now been suspended as quota has been reached until bridge is completed.

  • State of the High Street
    Concern about appearance of property in the High Street. Difficulty of enforcement highlighted. Area outside Post Office identified for possible improvement and development. Other notable building is Literary Institute thought to be an important building in the town and LYMSOC to keep tabs and to talk with Town Council.
  • Bus Stop at Station
    Agreed there is a need for integrated transport solution for bus and train and particularly at the Railway Station. Obstacles for progress are the need for a turning circle for busses which are not allowed to reverse with passengers. Also need for designated pedestrian path and LYMSOC to keep up pressure for a solution.
  • Burrard Neale
    Enthusiasm for upcoming Dan Snow talk. Revised design for railings at Monument submitted for planning permission. Agreement in principle from Heritage Lottery Fund [HLF] to use budget underspend for this. Noted the scheme makes use of Community Payback Scheme. Agreed the Monument was a positive achievement for LYMSOC and appreciation and applause given to Don Mackenzie and Peter Stone for their continued commitment.
  • Stamford Hill ‘Renaissance’ Development
    It was agreed that too many ‘retirement’ properties had already been built in Lymington and that LYMSOC would resist this development. The question was asked why more starter homes for young people and families could not be built in preference.
  • Footpaths
    Concern that footpaths, especially in High Street are getting busy with bikes and mobility scooters and that more thought is needed about how this affects some residents.
  • Green Arteries of Lymington – Clive Sutton
    All round support for the ‘Green Arteries’ which protect the unique character of Lymington. Agreed that we continue to support this successful initiative.Social
    Pam Morrissey gave a review of social events of the past year and plans for 2020. The audience were invited to submit ideas and preferences. Informative and educational topics eg visit to vineyard were favoured. Thursday meetings preferred to Tuesdays.