Committee Members


Clive Sutton

3 The Old Print Works,85b High Street,Lymington,SO41 9AN


01590 672595


Position Vacant

Press Secretary 
Donald Mackenzie

Fursdon House, Undershore Road, Lymington SO41 5SA
01590 678087

James Bull

Garden House, Private Road, Lymington, SO41 9EW

01590 610446

Newsletter, Membership and Webmaster
Oliver Dunne


Heather Burrell


Social Secretary

Pam Morrissey


Peter Stone

Turnstones. Old Orchards,

Lymington SO41 3AF
01590 672673

Roger Liley

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3 thoughts on “Committee Members

  1. NFNPA have issued Tree Preservation Order Nr.TPO0006/15 dated 18/2/2015 for the trees fronting Southampton Road (A337) and Queen Elizabeth Avenue.
    Douglas Allan.
    Farringford Court.

  2. We have been aware that the Police Station site is likely to be redeveloped. We have taken an interest in the protection of the trees and have already written about them. In fact the trees were originally contributed by the Lymington Society many years ago when the police station was built.

    The trees now form an established part of the street scene at that point and indeed the character of Avenue Road.

    The development of the old hospital site on the other side of Queen Elizabeth Avenue has been screened behind the original hedge and we hope there is no reason why any development of the Police Station site cannot take place in such a way as to incorporate the existing trees.

    As and when any proposals are made for the police station site redevelopment, the Society will be very keen to ensure that this site is suitably developed, as we were in the case of the original controversial proposals for the site which is now Farringford Court

  3. Can any of the Committee members advise me of what is happening, or due to happen , to Lymington Police station, weunderstand that it is due for closure in the near future?
    As a resident of Farringford Court which is opposite the station we have a significant interest in the visual frontage of this building, in particular the Silver Maple trees on the site. We have informed NFDC that a TPO is needed for them and await a decision.

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