2 thoughts on “Latest LymSoc planning activity

  1. Thank you for raising this. If any members have further knowledge of this issue please let the committee know. In the meantime we’ll add this to our list for discussion at our next committee meeting and will let you know how things develop.

  2. My wife and I live in Farringford Court, opposite Lymington Police Station. We have made enquiries over the last six months about the future of this police station and have learned that it is due to close in 2016/2017. Our particular concern was the future safety of the trees fronting the A337 (they are silver maples) in the event that the site is developed in the future. To this end we have been in touch with the Tree Preservation Officer of the New Forest Park Authority and informed that a precautionary TPO should be put in place at some stage. Does the Society have any preknowledge of this situation.

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