Travis Perkins site – update 09.10.2013

TPNFDC has refused a proposed development of 25 dwellings (application 13/10709). Main reasons for refusal: inappropriate to its context, fails to respond positively to local distinctiveness, unacceptably poor design quality. See full NFDC reasons for refusal:

However, at the same time as submitting 13/10709, the developer’s agent submitted a similar proposal for a development of 23 dwellings without the 2 bungalows (13/10710). We objected on similar grounds i.e. failure to respect local distinctiveness, over-development and concerns about proposed access road from Grove Road.

Status: NFDC says they intend to advertise amended plans with a view to taking the application to November Committee (email from NFDC case officer 20.09.2013). See revised plans:

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