Data Protection

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is effective from March 2018, obliges all organisations that hold personal data to have a “lawful basis” for its retention and use. The legislation is designed of course for organisations like Facebook and Google, but it applies to everyone, including societies like ours. You have important rights to privacy, and this regulation is to allow you to exercise them.

One of the categories of lawful basis is “Legitimate Interest”, which is for cases where the data are held and used for a legitimate interest of the Society, and are necessary to achieve it, with a balance against the individual’s interests, rights and freedoms.

We believe that this is the correct lawful basis for the Society as the personal data held are minimal, they are held securely, and they are used only for legitimate Society business.

Here’s what we keep, and what we do with it:

Name; Address; Email address; Date joining the society; Subscription status.

We also keep some administrative data, such as previous addresses when members move house, and we keep records of ex-members and the time and reason for their leaving. These are not critical to our operation, but can sometimes come in useful.

We use the data to contact you with upcoming events, including the AGM and other meetings, by post and email. We also use it to send you newsletters.

We never share it with other organisations or publish it.

There is a password protected page on the website which gives access to the data for the use of committee members

If any member has a concern that their or anyone else’s data are not being properly protected, please contact the committee to discuss it, either directly or using the form below.