Data Protection

Data Protection Statement 19 July 2018

Please note that this statement may be updated and it is your responsibility to ensure that you have read the most recent version. This will always be available on our website.

In the course of running its day to day business, the Lymington Society (including the Friends of Sir Harry) may collect and process information about members of the public, including supporters, members, enquirers and correspondents. The keeping and use of such data are controlled by data protection law. This statement sets out how the charity intends to comply with the key rules that apply to the processing of personal data in the United Kingdom.

What we keep:

Personal data such as name; address (including previous address following house moves); email address; date joining the Society (and/or the Friends of Sir Harry); subscription status; details of any donations or approaches for donations; details of tickets purchased and / or events attended. We additionally keep records of ex-members and Friends and the reason for their leaving. These data enable us to deliver a better service by understanding why members and Friends might lapse.

How we use your data:

We use your data to contact you with upcoming events, including the AGM and other meetings; updates on the Burrard Neale project including fundraising; and for any reasonable contact forming part of your relationship with the Lymington Society and/or the Friends of Sir Harry, such as newsletters or renewal reminders.

Your data are held securely on a password-protected spreadsheet. The Society will not keep data longer than is necessary. All data are deleted seven years after membership lapses (or after your last correspondence with us, whichever is later), but you have the right to ask for your data to be deleted at any time. You may also ask to see any of your data held by us.

If you have a concern or question about your data, or need to correct any of the data we hold, please contact the committee to discuss it, either directly or using the form below.