Social Meetings now Online on Zoom

Reminder of Lymington Society Talk on Zoom this  Wednesday 17th March
Plus news of two more talk this Spring.A Message from the Lymington Society Dear Fellow LymSoc Members

A quick reminder that our second online talk on Zoom is on Wednesday the 17th  at 6.00 pm (Zoom open from 5.30 pm onwards) Details below.
Please also see details below of two further talks that we have arranged for later in the Spring which we hope that your will find interesting. Feel free to invite friends or colleagues who might enjoy the talk and may then wish to join the Society as members. 
As Editor of the new-style Email Updates, I would like to apologise that it has been longer than I had planned since the first update late last year.
I am pleased to report that the next issue is nearly finished and will be with you all soon.

Kind regards
Don Mackenzie
07860 106120Lymington Society Illustrated Talks Programme Spring 2021

“Darwin and the Voyages of HMS Beagle”Date Wednesday 17th March 6:00 pm via Zoom
(Zoom open from 5.30pm)
Speaker: James Taylor
Topic: “Darwin and the Voyage of HMS Beagle, 1831-1836″

James’ talk focuses on the family and influences upon Charles Darwin and Captain Robert FitzRoy, the commander of HMS Beagle, and their participation in the celebrated second voyage of the ship that has shaped our lives. It enabled Darwin to collect vital evidence for his ground-breaking publication 
On the Origin of Species.
FitzRoy paid for two artists, Augustus Earle and Conrad Martens, to paint the people and places encountered, and these images underpin the seafaring stories.
To join the  zoom meeting please use the following link.

Meeting ID: 455 346 2400
Passcode: LymSocTalk Lymington Society Illustrated Talks Programme Spring 2021

A Friends of Sir Harry Talk

“Command of the Seas: The Navy and the New Forest Against Napoleon”
A Friends of Sir Harry Talk

Date  Wednesday 14th April 6.00 pm via Zoom 
(Zoom open from 5.30pm)

Speaker:  Rosalyn Goulding of
St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery
Topic: “Command of the Seas:
The Navy and the New Forest Against Napoleon”

 Rosalyn’s talk explores Britain’s naval battles against Napoleon and the role played by the New Forest.Between 1793 and 1815, Britain was at war with revolutionary France. This talk explores some of the key naval engagements in the run up to the decisive victory at Trafalgar in 1805, as well as what life was like in the navy at the time. It focuses on the important contributions of three local admirals, Cornwallis, Peyton and Man, all of whom are buried at Milford churchyard. 
Donald Mackenzie is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Command of the Seas: The Navy and the New Forest Against Napoleon
Time: Apr 14, 2021 06:00 PM London

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Meeting ID: 455 346 2400
Passcode: LymSocTalk
Lymington Society Illustrated Talks Programme Spring 2021

“Between Two Rivers”.
Date  Wednesday 12th May 6.00 pm via Zoom 
(Meeting open from 5.30pm)

Speaker:  Aimee Durnell of
“Aimee – The Artist and Printmaker”

Topic: “Between Two Rivers”‘Between Two Rivers’ is based on a journey I took as a local artist exploring the intriguing landscape between the Lymington and Beaulieu Rivers.  Discover the wildlife and the stories of these rivers as they wind across heaths and greenwood, through reedbeds and saltmarsh out into the Solent.’
Having worked on reserves as a forest ranger, I now live and work in the New Forest, painting and writing about both the landscape and its wildlife.  I have written three guidebooks to the New Forest and this talk is based on my most recent book.  
Donald Mackenzie is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Between Two Rivers with Aimee Durnell
Time: May 12, 2021 06:00 PM London

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Meeting ID: 455 346 2400
Passcode: LymSocTalk

Lymington Society Shop Local Campaign relaunched for Christmas

The Society, with the Support of the Town Council and the Chamber of Commerce, has relaunched its “Shop Local – Save Shops”  campaign with the slogan – “Support Lymington This Christmas”

Commitee Member Pam Morrissey, who  came up with the idea of the Society launching a “Shop Local” initiative in the town, together with Town Mayor Anne Corbridge and Society Deputy Chair Don Mackenzie, were on hand in the High Street at the start of the campaign to unveil the first of four banners placed around the town.

We also had the support of the Lymington Times who kindly reported our campaign and in fact invited the Society to write the editorial for their Lymington Christmas Shopping supplement  

In addition, over 100 posters were distributed in local shops to help emphasise the “Think Before You Click” – “Support Lymington This Christmas” message.

The Society really hopes that as many residents as possible will take this the chance to “Shop Local” and support our retailers this Christmas. 

New Email Update now available online

The Executive Commitee of the Lymington Society has decided in view of the ongoing coronavirus situation and the further lockdown, that now is the time to move to using Email Updates as the main way of communicating with members. This will enable us to communicate more often with members, and will save considerable costs having to be paid out of member’s subscriptions.

We would be grateful if any members who have not sent us their email address, now do so, in order that we can send them this, and future updates

We have just completed our first edition of this Email Update and it will be winging its way to all LymSoc members soon.

The Email Update can also seen here. LymSoc Email Update – November 2020

Delayed AGM to be Held online on Microsoft Teams on Monday the 30th of November at 6.00pm

After much delay, when the Executive Commitee hoped a socially distanced AGM might be possible, the latest lockdown and the likelihood of continuing restrictions, make this impossible. The Society has therefore announced that the delayed AGM will be held on Microsoft Teams on Monday the 30th of November at 6.00 pm

We are using Microsoft Teams instead of Zoom as it allows for a longer meeting than the standard 40 minutes of Zoom. Revised documents for this delayed AGM can be accessed here: Click Here for AGM Documents

To attend the AGM please click on this link. Lymington Society AGM on Teams

Members who wish to join the meeting will need to download the Teams app can use the following links to download the Teams App before the meeting.
• Here is a link to get Teams for Windows PCs: Download Microsoft Teams
• Here is a link to get Teams on your IPad tablet: Download Microsoft Teams for IPad

The Waiting room for the meeting will be open from 5.30 pm to give people time to log on. We would suggest that you try the link a day or so before the meeting to make sure that your Teams software is working ok. If you have any problems getting the sotware to work do give Don Mackenzie a call on 01590 678087

If members wish to join us using their mobile phones, please search in the appropriate App Store for the link to download Microsoft Teams.

Shop Local – Save Jobs

The Lymington Society has launched an “I Love Lymington – Shop Local -Save Jobs” campaign to persuade local people to support retailers and businesses and reboot the local economy after the 3-month lockdown. This initiative is supported by the Chamber of Commerce & Industry, and we very much welcome their support.

The Shop Local – Save Jobs campaign will involve banners in the town and on the approaches to town, as well as posters and flyers being in shops and community facilities. Local people and retailers are invited to download the poster and display it in your shop windows to show support for this important initiative.

Contact Chamber of Commerce Members. In order to contact a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry to enquire about a service they can offer, please click on this link: Business Directory. The website has a fantastic Directory of businesses in the Lymington area which can be searched by clicking on this link:

The Shop Local – Save Jobs banner is also available for download here

Another COVID milestone

Today was supposed to be the Lymington Society’s summer garden party. It’s one more event cancelled due to our need to protect ourselves from this insidious disease. The one compensation is that the weather is not exactly favourable! This really is a cloud with a silver lining, or possible vice versa. We’re in lockdown but not shutdown. The committee has been meeting virtually, and members will shortly be receiving a newsletter to keep you up to date with the Society’s activities behind the scenes.


Lymington Society members and invited guests

I’m sorry to have to tell you about the postponement of the Society’s AGM, which was to be held on the 24th of March.

We have reached a point in the coronavirus pandemic where it is clear that infection is now going to be prevalent in the community, and is going to be particularly dangerous for older people.

Older people make up a significant number of our membership and whether or not the government prohibit gatherings of this type, which some governments already have, it would be imprudent of the Society to arrange a function where there was a risk that any of our members or guests could become infected.

I am sure that none of you will be surprised that the committee has decided to postpone the meeting until we see how things develop in the future and to reschedule the meeting at an appropriate stage when the country has received the “all clear”.

We will advise you on social events in the light of current circumstances but currently none of the social events can be relied on to go ahead without further confirmation from the Society.

We are really sorry to have to postpone our program but the other parts of the Society’s work of making representation on planning matters and any other issues still continue.

Clive Sutton, Chairman

Friends of Sir Harry Talk: The Man, the Myth and the Monument

On Friday March 13th at the Community Centre there will be a talk from eminent local historian Barry Jolly about Sir Harry Burrard Neale.

His research has uncovered fascinating insights into the motives behind the building of the monument. Friends of Sir Harry and members of the public are invited to attend.

Tickets are available from Eventbrite: