2013 AGM

cropped-logo_small.jpgThe 2013 AGM took place at the Lymington Community Centre on 26th March 2013. The Chairman gave his address highlighting the Society’s achievements over the last twelve months. Elections to the committee were approved and the new web site was presented to the membership.

For full details of the AGM click here

1 thought on “2013 AGM

  1. As a recent arrival in Lymington I am not sure if this is the best way to contact the Society.
    However, my wife and I are impressed with the condition of the majority of the buildings in the High
    Street but we noticed recently an exception to this situation. No.68 is in a very poor state of
    decoration and is in urgent need of care and attention. Can this be brought to the attention
    of the appropriate persons in Lymington?

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