2013 AGM

The Lymington Society Annual General Meeting 7pm on 26th March 2013


Introduction and welcome to the Mayor          Lt. Col. Peter Chitty, President.

Apologies. Minutes of the 2012 AGM.             Dr. Ivor Johnston, Honorary Secretary.

Chairman’s Address                                       Clive Sutton, Chairman.

Treasurer’s Report.                                         Derek Sheffer, Honorary Treasurer.

Nominations for, and Election of, members of the Executive Committee.

Present committee members who are prepared to continue and are standing
for re-election are: Clive Sutton, Derek Sheffer, Ivor Johnston, Tim Kermode, Nic King, DonaldMackenzie, Nigel Seth-Smith.

Address by: Jude James
History of the Railways around Lymington.

Minutes of The Lymington Society Annual General Meeting 2013

60 members were welcomed with a glass of wine to the AGM on 26th March 2013.

Lt. Col. Chitty welcomed the Mayor and Councilors Elizabeth Lewis, Penny Jackman and
Alexander Kilgour.
Apologies were received from members Anne & Mike Kelly & Nigel Lang..

Dr. Johnston presented the minutes of the 2012 AGM. These had been circulated by
newsletter and on the website.
Approval was proposed by John Beaumont, seconded by Donald Mackenzie and accepted.

Mr. Sutton gave the Chairman’s Address (to be published in the newsletter and on the

Brief questions from the floor followed. Mr. Peter Stowe asked that the Walhampton
monument be refurbished in recognition of the bi-centenary of Admiral Burrard Neal.
Pamela Kean asked if the Toll House Museum would be retained.The grade 2 listing was
confirmed and Mr. Sutton will enquire after the artifacts.

The damage to the wall of The Tins by Waterspouts was pointed out. Cllr. Lewis replied that NFDC Enforcement Officers were aware and would enforce repairs.

The Treasurer’s Report was given by Mr. Sheffer. Acceptance was proposed by Tom
McEwen, seconded by Tim Kermode. The accounts were then approved by a show of hands.

The nominations for the Executive Committee followed. Mark Lanigan was proposed by Nigel Seth-Smith seconded by Tom McEwen and elected to the Executive Committee. The current members of the Executive Committee were proposed
and re-elected en bloc.

Mayor gave a short address on the importance of securing funding to make sensitive
improvements to the Sea water baths and plans to promote visitors to the town by
identifying areas of topical interest e.g. the connection between Arthur Philips and Ashley

Mark Lanigan presented the Society’s new web site, with explanations of how to make best use of it including how to post comments and take part in questionnaires.

Dr Mackenzie appealed for members to supply their email addresses so that more
communications from the Society could be conducted via email thus reducing postage cost. He pointed out that we only had a small number of email addresses, many out of date. He asked members present what would be their reaction to being telephoned and asked for their email address. The response was that this was quite acceptable.

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