Greenfield Site Development 2012

Green-fieldSites and Development Management Development Plan Document On 20 January 2012 the District Council will publish for a six week Representation period, the proposed Submission Document of the Sites and Development Management Development Plan Document. This follows a six week public consultation that took place in January to March 2011. The Sites and Development Management DPD will set out the detailed proposals and policies required to implement the planning strategy for the area agreed through the Core Strategy (adopted in 2009). The Plan will include the allocation of a limited amount of greenfield land for new development required to meet the local need for additional housing, affordable housing and employment land. It will also provide additional development management policies to assist the implementation of the Core Strategy.’

Between 2006 – 2026, the overall South East Plan requires 3,920 additional dwellings. As part of the Sites & Development Management plan the Council is looking at sites that could provide up to around 150 of these dwellings in Lymington & Pennington. The Council has acknowledged LymSoc’s input to their consultation and confirmed that they will take account of our comments. The deadline for comments has now expired but they say that they’ll notify us “towards the end of 2011″, of a further “six week period during which formal representations about the Plan may be made”

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