2012 AGM

Minutes of The Lymington Society

Annual General Meeting 2012

66 members attended the AGM on 20th March 2012.  Minutes of the 2011AGM had been circulated by post and on the website. Apologies received :Lt. Col. Chitty & Mr. Beaumont.

Mr. Sutton welcomed the Mayor and gave the Chairman’s Address (to be published in the newsletter and on the website).  He reminisced on the 50 year history of the Society and its involvement in the preservation of Buckland Rings and in the controversy over the site of the new hospital.

The Treasurer’s Report was given by Mr. Sheffer. He explained the expenditure on legal fees and the need to advertise important meetings concerning the Redrow site. Dr. Mackenzie appealed for members to send emails to info@lymsoc.co.uk  to reduce postage costs.  The accounts were then approved by a show of hands.

Mr. Sutton then opened the meeting for questions. Mr. Dixon ask about he maintenance of flower beds and verges, and Mr. Walrock commented on the poor state of pavements and parking areas.  Cllr. Rostand explained the difficulties of dealing with the multiple agencies involved. She congratulated Dr. Mackenzie and the Christmas Lights Committee.

Questions were asked about the licensing of Wetherspoons.  Cllr. Lewis said that opening hours had been reduced, but could not be blocked once permission for a pub had been granted by the planning authority.  She asked that neighbours keep a careful log of any problems.  Mr. Shefferreported the British Legion had similar licensing hours.

Mr. Hebard spoke of  the £23m. Coastal Community Fund.   Cllr. Rostand replied that the Council is aware and will appoint an events manager.

Mr. Sutton then paid tribute to the expertise and hard work of Jonathan Hutchinson, who is retiring from the Committee.  There being no nominations from the floor, re-election of current members of the Executive Committee: Clive Sutton, Derek Sheffer, Ivor Johnston,  Nic King, Donald Mackenzie, Nigel Seth-Smith and the co-opted member Tim Kermode was proposed by Cllr. Elizabeth Lewis and seconded by Wendy Couch and passed unanimously.

Dr. Mackenzie then  reported on the social activities of the past year and announced the Summer Garden Party in the garden of Chawton House on 19th June 2012.

Cllr. Rostand than gave a brief account of preparations for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee  and explained that the preparations for the Olympic torch were imposed from on high with no input from local councils.  She praised Cllr. Lewis’ organization for the Arts Festival on 18th – 24th June.

After refreshments, Angela Trend gave a talk on Lymington Town Tours illustrated with photographs of the many historical buildings and features demonstrated on the guided walks of the town conducted by volunteers.

The meeting closed at 10pm.

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