Tickets on Sale for “A Titanic Conspiracy” and the Lymington Society Christmas Drinks Party

Lymington Society Illustrated Talk: “A Titanic Conspiracy”

Sinking of the Titanic

Ever since the Titanic sank on its maiden voyage from Southampton after hitting an iceberg on that fateful night on the 15th of April 1912, there have been many rumours as to the “real” cause of the tragedy. Titanic Conspiracies

Monday 1st November 2021 – 6.00 pm
Illustrated Talk  by Andy Skinner Learning and Engagement Officer Southampton Museums: “A Titanic Conspiracy” The Gates Hall – The Lymington Centre – 6.00 pm Monday 1st November.
Tickets £5.00 to include refreshments – on the door
or on Eventbrite
Was the sinking of Titanic an elaborate insurance scam, did poor-quality rivets sink her and was a raging fire responsible for her sinking? This talk looks at the conspiracy theories associated with Titanic.

Join us for the famous Lymington Society Christmas Drinks Party at St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery.

St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery

December 16th – 6.00 pm. The Lymington Society Christmas Party.
St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery
Tickets £8.00 – Only available on Eventbrite

Following many successful Christmas Parties at the Stanwell House Hotel, the Social Committee have decided to make a change this year and we will be instead holding this years’ event at St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery.
However, rest assured that the normal festive atmosphere will be definitely to the fore, with wine and canapes as normal. Hopefully the quantity and quality of the food which has drawn some criticism in previous years, will be much improved.
Tickets £8.00 on Eventbrite

In order to allow us to have accurate number and arrange the catering, tickets will only be available at this stage on Eventbrite.

Please do contact us if you have any problems booking tickets.

Don Mackenzie 07860 106120

2 thoughts on “Tickets on Sale for “A Titanic Conspiracy” and the Lymington Society Christmas Drinks Party

  1. Nigel
    Thanks for your post.
    The situation is that a bit like when you book a cinema ticket online there is often a booking or admin fee.
    We use Eventbrite to see these tickets and they charge a fee of about £1 and it either comes off the ticket price, (i.e. the Society pays it) or we ask the members to pay it so that we get the full £8.00 we need to pay for the Museum, the food and the drinks etc.
    We aren’t planning to sell on the door as otherwise we have no idea how many people are coming.
    I realise that this does make the tickets more than the stated £8.00 but it does mean that the Society gets the full amount.

  2. Good evening Don, I was about to buy a ticket for the Christmas drinks at St Barbe’s as advertised for £8.00, however when I went on Everbrite’s website to buy the ticket the price had increased to £9.21. Please can you explain? Can we get tickets on the door at £8.00? Best wishes Nigel

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