Lymington Society visit to Newtown Park May 10th


Around twenty five members were able to enjoy a two hour guided walk around the grounds of Newtown Park Estate. This was expertly lead by Richard Channell the Estate Manager who not only explained about the history of the building which in part dates back to the 18 th century , but also told members about his drive to keep the grounds as bio diverse as possible.

Richard showed members the fields he has converted back to wild meadow land and also explained about the dangers of planting new trees and shrubs that were then eaten by the deer and rabbits unless they were fenced ! The Cedar of Lebanon Trees, one of which dates back to the eighteen hundreds ,were a magnificent site on the lawn in front of the house.

Members were able to see the original ice house and one of the highlights of the afternoon was the stunning walled garden which Richard and his team have worked hard to bring back to its original glory.This now produced fruit , flowers and vegetables which are used in the house when there are guests with the excess going to Oakhaven hospice. Donald MacKenzie thanked Richard for giving his time up to take members on the tour and everyone on the walk remarked about not knowing about the history of the house and grounds that were such a short distance from the town .

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