Meeting to discuss new frontage for St Barbe Museum

St_Barbe_Museum1Lymington Society Committee have St_Barbe_Museum2been approached by the St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery who intend to submit a planning application for a new frontage to the Museum. (Click on either of the above images to see a larger version.)

The Committee have discussed this and, without passing any opinion one way or the other, feel that the right approach for this design would be for the Society to canvass the views of its members and to hold a meeting for a presentation by the Museum and/or the architect.

The St Barbe Museum would like this meeting relatively soon and we have arranged the meeting for:

10 February at 6:30 PM in the Fuller McLennan Hall at the Community Centre.

All members are welcome to attend and no tickets will be issued so just turn up on the night. If you have any questions do contact any Committee member.

Update 8th February 2015

In order to provide some background information on the application, a letter from David Rule Chairman of the Lymington Museum Trust can be found here. It is well worth reading this in advance of the meeting.


4 thoughts on “Meeting to discuss new frontage for St Barbe Museum

  1. This design is an outrage against a modest side street in a pleasant country town in the New Forest. The shouty ‘look at me’ facade has in effect been imposed on the museum by the demands of Visit Britain and the HLF – the latter is to be allowed to decide what is acceptable in our town in terms of architectural appeal – if this design or something very similar is not approved they will not progress the HLF bid – in effect this means the town is being held to ransom. If the HLF has money to spend on ‘local’ projects perhaps they might be encourage Lymington Community Centre to upgrade and update its fabric and facilities, some of which do look a little threadbare! Now that would be a useful contribution to the town’s future and would not involve chipping away at the pleasant nature of the town as it stands today.

  2. This proposal is ugly and quite unsuitable for Lymington. A potentially stupendous
    waste of money.

  3. We are not at all happy with the proposed new frontage to the St Barbe Museum. It is most inappropriate for that area of the town. Why hide an historic building behind a massive modern brick wall? It just seems so out of character and such a waste of money.
    Surely it is the function of museums to preserve and protect historic items, so why not maintain and celebrate the old school building?

  4. Re St Barbe new frontage. This is quite astonishingly ugly, and in my opinion totally unnecessary. This end of New Street is mainly Victorian and the old school is attractive. The top left corner of the frontage looks as tho’ it would blow down in a gale. Have they relocated the bicycle parking?
    The Society should object strongly.

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