Don Mackenzie and the Social Committee. An appreciation.

Don YvonneThe primary purpose of the Society is to protect and enhance the character of Lymington. In that it needs the support of a wide base of members. Those members need to feel involved and that has always been achieved by the Lymington Society through social events.

The difficulty has always been to find someone to organise those events particularly in a predominantly male committee. For the past several years Don has fulfilled that role admirably with his ability to encourage people to involve themselves with events and his unerring nose for the sort of events, subjects and venues which will attract people.

Under his guidance those events have fallen into a pattern of the summer garden party at various venues and the Stanwell House Christmas party and numerous lectures and events in between. Notable events have been visits to the Berthon Boat Company and a series of talks and exhibitions at the St Barbe Museum

These events did not happen by themselves. They need research and organisation of dates and venues and invitations and the food and drink and last but not least the clearing up afterwards, hopefully assisted by other members of the committee, but ultimately Don’s responsibility supported by Yvonne.

In spite of Don’s threats we have not lost his services as a committee member yet, but with the arrival of Pam Morrisey on the committee recently she has accepted the challenge to run the social committee, and over the past two or three months has played herself into the role with Don’s help and will be taking over the organisation of social events from now on.

The Committee and the Society are extremely grateful to Don and Yvonne for having carried out this role for many years so effectively and with such dedication.

Clive Sutton


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