Talk: How a Lymington Firm Leads the World in Helping to Conserve the World’s Fishing Stocks 29th April 2014

FishingFrom Lymington to Somalia, The Maldives and Beyond
Illustrated Talk by Steven Akester
How a Lymington Firm Leads the World in helping to Conserve the World’s Fishing Stocks;
6.00 – 8.00 pm Tuesday April the 29th Lymington Community Centre
As Michael Caine didn’t actually say “not many people know” that in Lymington we have an amazingly successful local business with a global reputation and truly global reach helping to protect and conserve the worlds fishing stocks.
Stephen Akester, Director of MacAlister Elliott & Partners (MEP) will tell the story of how a local business created in Lymington in 1977 went on to become an internationally renowned firm that now provides services to governments in Africa and Asia financed by the international institutions of the World Bank, EU and UN.
In addition closer to home MEP has become one of just 20 official certifiers who help ensure that the fish you buy is sustainably sourced.

Entry £5.00 to include Refreshments

Tickets for all events can be purchased as usual from Solent House Dental Centre, Cannon Street, Lymington. Email: Tel 01590 672986.
Limited numbers of tickets are usually available on the door for most events.

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