Planning 28 May 2013

sections1Travis Perkins site Lymington; Pennyfarthing Homes Ltd will soon submit proposals for a 23/ 25 home development. The planning consultants Tanner & Tilley have sent out a letter to local residents for their comments by 27.05.2013. LymSoc action: we posted details on our website with a copy of the PDF asking for comments; we contacted Tanner & Tilley Marketing Director to ask for a few days extension to their deadline as we expected to discuss the proposals at our next meeting 28.05.2013; also asked if the application is likely to be for outline permission only as with the drawings presented it’s only possible to focus on the lay-out and density of the proposals.

10360; The Lodge, 4 Milford Road; 4 houses; associated parking (demolition of existing). Comment: this was a tree lined stretch of Milford Road on the approach to Lymington from West.  A neighbour reports that the developer cleared the site including trees prior to his submission. Reccomendation: LymSoc to object on grounds of local distinctiveness; importance of location at entrance to town; ask for reduction in density; restore aspect.

For the record

Sites & Development Management Plan; we agree on the need for ‘affordable’ housing locally but the NFDC proposal to allocate development of around 150 houses on ‘green belt’ sites at Lym 1 (Pinetops) and Lym 2 (north of Alexandra Road) would compromise the town’s boundaries. Action: LymSoc representative spoke at re-scheduled hearing 23 Apr 2013 and put it to the Inspector that the SDMP was unsound as the Council had failed to provide evidence of having considered reasonable alternatives to the sites allocated for additional housing and that the choice of locations locally might be better addressed through a Neighbourhood Plan. Comment: Inspector accepted NFDC’s proposition that due to land values within the town, the only sites where additional housing could be sited was within the green belt surrounding Lymington & Pennington; the Inspector at the Core Strategy hearing had accepted this proposition and he was not going to disagree. Status: Inspector’s interim report is due within weeks.

10257; Gordleton Industrial Park, Hannah Way; construct buildings for industrial, storage and business use (Use Classes B1, B2, & B8) (Outline Application with details only of access, layout and scale). Action: LymSoc objection submitted. Status: Application withdrawn by agent’s e-mail dated 10th May 2013. Comment: a revised application seems very likely before long so we need to remain vigilant and flag it so that people can have their say.

10148; Berthon Boat Company Ltd, Bath Road; retention of cladding; door and fenestration alterations to West Solent shed. Comment: Retrospective application to retain cladding carried out last year, resulting in the infilling of part of a building that was previously open sided. Site is just outside Conservation Area, although the new cladding is visible from viewpoints within and there is a Listed Building fairly close to the north side of the site. NFDC case officer says “The impact of the development on the character and appearance of the adjacent Conservation Area and the setting of the nearby Listed Building are material planning considerations”. However, you might think that cladding might actually be of benefit e.g. in terms of preventing pollution/ noise and is relatively immaterial compared to the presence of the shed itself. Action: none – we considered an objection but agreed the proposed cladding work looks innocuous. Status: NFDC Conservation Officer seeks clarification.

10163; 3 Grove Pastures (Conservation Area); single-storey rear extension. The case officer says “proposed rear extension would be in keeping with the existing property and would not be visible from the street”. Recommendation: leave to NFDC Conservation officer. Status: NFDC Conservation Team recommends approval subject to alterations in height/ design of cornicing and roof lanterns.

Enforcement update

EN/09/0270 Bridge Cottage; Bridge Road [Refers to APP/B1740/C/12/2175912 appeal against enforcement]. Status: decision date 30.10.2012; time for compliance: 12 months i.e. by end Oct 2013.

Buffalo Bar, St. Thomas St; neon signage.  Status: NFDC say they are putting together a case with a view to issuing legal instructions within around 2 weeks unless they comply.

EN/09/0614; Unit 3, Anchor House, Bath Road. Unauthorised Change Of Use: FROM A MIXED USE OF COMMERCIAL OFFICES AND COFFEE SHOP USE TO A MIXED USE AS A CAFE, RESTAURANT AND BAR WITH ASSOCIATED OUTSIDE EATING AND DRINKING SPACE. Status: enforcement notice issued; owner has appealed; an Inspector is to decide outcome using written representations (deadline 13.03.2013). APP/B1740/C/12/2189220; appeal against enforcement. Status: not yet decided.

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