Gordleton expansion: our planning response

Gordleton update: there’s a new application registered 19 Aug 2013- see NFDC website. Then, add your comments on this website.

11033; Gordleton Industrial Park; construct buildings for industrial, storage and business use (Use Classes B1, B2, & B8) (Outline Application with details only of access, layout and scale).
GordletonUpdate: Application withdrawn by agent’s e-mail dated 10th May 2013.
The NFDC is considering an application to increase the size of Gordleton industrial park by around 30%. We are in favour of developing employment opportunities in Lymington and Pennington but this is not the right location.

Planning permission for the original Gordleton Industrial Park was granted at appeal in 1979. When it was first built Gordleton was the main option for expanding employment locally but there are now reasonable alternatives. Industrial capacity has been added in the immediate area and nearby, notably at Ampress. We understand there is a large unoccupied unit at Gordleton, together with undeveloped space within the existing site.

The capacity of the existing access roads is completely inadequate to bear the increased levels of traffic that this proposal implies. The size of lorries when Gordleton first opened was a lot smaller than today. The ambulance station at Gordleton has introduced additional pressure on nearby roads. This proposal would risk producing delays that could have serious consequences.

Contrary to Local Plan policy The Transport Assessment submitted with this application underestimates the impact of the likely increase in traffic. It does not make it clear that the only practical approach to the site for large vehicles is along the Sway Road. The increased traffic along this narrow road would deter other road users e.g. cyclists, pedestrians and walkers from using the road. The application cannot therefore be considered to comply with Local Plan policy CS24.

In 1998, a similar planning application was refused in part because the roads leading to the site were considered to be of inadequate width and alignment to accommodate the additional traffic likely to be generated by the development.

We understand that at a meeting on 18.04.2013, Lymington & Pennington Town Council decided to recommend refusal of this application. We ask the Council to support the recommendation of their planning officers and refuse this application. ENDS.

Application details: 13/10257; Gordleton Industrial Park, Hannah Way SO41 8JD. Proposal: construct buildings for industrial, storage and business use (Use Classes B1, B2, & B8) (Outline Application with details only of access, layout and scale).

See our objection and all comments on the NFDC website:

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