Greenbelt development 2013

Public hearing on ‘green belt’ housing in Lymington & Pennington 23rd April at Glasshouses_at_Pinetops_Nurseries,_Upper_Pennington, pm. As part of the Sites & Development Management plan the New Forest District Council is looking at sites that could provide an additional 150 new homes, up to 70% of them affordable homes, on ‘green belt’ sites at Pinetops nurseries (listed as ‘Lym 1’ in the plan) and at a site to the north of Alexandra Road (‘Lym 2’). The Council has acknowledged our input at each stage of consultation on the preparation of the plan. The final stage of the formal adoption process is a public hearing at which a Planning Inspector tests the ‘soundness’ of the plan. The hearing began in February but some sessions had to be re-scheduled, owing to the Inspector’s illness. The session on ‘green belt’ housing in Lymington & Pennington is now scheduled for 23rd April at 1.30 pm at the NFDC offices at Appletree Court, Lyndhurst. See details for the public hearing at:

The Society understands and supports the need for affordable housing locally but there are reasonable alternatives to encroaching onto these green belt areas. Planning policy allows small scale exceptions to the prohibition on green belt development in special circumstances but the scale of the development proposed cannot be considered small scale. Neither of these sites is suitable for the scale of development proposed which would have significant implications on traffic and infrastructure locally. It would urbanise and significantly alter the character that is valued locally and highlighted in the Lymington Local Distinctiveness SPD.

We think that the sites and development management plan fails to properly consider reasonable alternatives for the location of additional housing locally – including affordable housing – and will be arguing strongly against the allocations at Pinetops and Alexandra Road at the hearing.

Background: The NFDC Sites and Development Management plan sets out the detailed proposals required to implement the planning strategy for the area agreed through the Core Strategy (adopted in 2009). The plan allocates a limited amount of greenfield land for new development to meet the local need for additional housing, affordable housing and employment. Between 2006 – 2026, the overall South East Plan requires 3,920 additional dwellings.

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